For Doctors

Welcome! We are happy to be a reference for your patients who are intolerant to CPAP, or wish to explore an alternative to CPAP therapy.

sea-man-person-ocean-mediumOur sole focus is to provide Oral Appliance Therapy as a viable treatment for many sleep apnea patients. When a patient is referred to us for evaluation and treatment, we will keep you informed by letter or fax at 3 points during the process.

  1. At initial consultation. We will inform you when your patient has been seen, and whether they may be a good candidate.
  2. At appliance delivery, so you know when your patient has actually begun treatment.
  3. At the time that your patient is using their appliance to effect and is ready to return to you for final testing.

How to make a referral

Referrals are best made by fax. You can simply fax the patients demographic information to us and we will do the rest!

What other information is required?

We will also need a copy of the patients most recent sleep test summary, along with a Letter of Medical Necessity for OAT. We are happy to fax you the necessary forms.

Sleep testing

It is always preferable that your patient has been diagnosed with OSA from a sleep test administered by a sleep physician or qualified MD. Occasionally, out of patient convenience, we can administer a Home Sleep Test as long as it is ordered by a physician. The data is uploaded and hand scored by a board certified sleep physician, and the results are forwarded to you. We use the Embletta, a type III sleep test device.

These tests are simple and efficient, and are often used to help determine the efficacy of the appliance.

Insurance coverage

We bill the patients medical insurance for their appliance, and we work with most medical insurances. We are also participating Medicare providers.

And as always, do not hesitate to call our office if you have any questions regarding our treatment protocol. We are always happy to approach patient care within your own parameters.